Saterdag 11 Julie 2009

My life for me to live

If my life belonged to for once,
I could take the biggest chance;
I could drive like a maniac
and join the act pack.

If my life belonged to me tonight,
I could be riding a kite.
I would know that the dark skies
could be my limit.

If my life belonged to me,
I'll take the only thing I need.
With my heart in my pocket
and my guy in a locket, I could be free!

I f only my life was mine to lead,
I know I could be free.
There would be no care in the world
and no sister to scold.

For once let my life be mine.
Let me make my own decisions
and live through the collisions...

How else am I to learn
the cruel ways of life?

Geskryf op skool: Iewers tussen 1999-2003

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