Dinsdag 30 Maart 2021


Wondering what can be

now that I am free…


Talking for hours on end

Wondering if you will be more than a friend.


You are attached but not connected

subjected to an impossible situation.

The relationship is not what you expected.

Being drowned by frustration.


I’m wondering about our connection

Thinking of you with newly discovered affection.

We can talk for hours on end

Why can’t our paths just blend?


Wondering how it would feel in your arms

I can hear no alarms…

I know you like me a lot

Wondering if we could have our one shot?


I don’t know what the future may bring

but I know there is this thing…

This thing between us is growing

Our hearts are showing

So many emotions are loading.


Wondering what could be…for now.

Patience is the name of the game.


(Feb/March 2021)



My own skin

 Drifting with the melody in the night sky

Feeling the light ocean breeze stirring my hair

Salty wetness cling to my skin like the kiss of a lover


Everything overpowers my senses:

Coffee aromas

Food that feeds my soul

A voice mixed with the melody of a song


I feel at home

I feel at peace

I feel like I have not felt in a long time


I feel at home in my own skin.


Marelize Swanepoel

29 March 2021

Vrydag 12 Maart 2021

Remembering your touch

Fingertips trace the outline of my body

Little hairs rise with anticipation:

Sure hands grip my thighs

Truly unable to contain my sighs 

Nails leaving their mark as they descend

My composure is nothing but pretend

Staring into burning eyes

Feeling my pulse rise

The whimper escapes my lips

as I buck up my hips…

Your touch makes me long for more

Shaking my foundations to the core

I pull your face to mine

Letting our bodies touch and intertwine.

Feeling your lips on my skin

This is where all the sin begin

With such tenderness, you bite my lip,

Taking a long and burning sip.

Our bodies pull together like two magnets

Spiraling down into the blackness

Your tongue replace your fingertips

Sucking on me with your lips

I’m a willing prisoner of your power

Submitting to you every hour…

With heightened senses, I now know,

Floating in my afterglow,

Your touch will forever be etched in my mind

The experience, truly one of a kind

Your touch seared into my flesh, so deep

Succumbing to the twilight sleep.

Donderdag 11 Maart 2021



Jy is die rede:


Vir my seer en vir my haat

Want al wat jy gedoen het was om my te skaad.


Jy wakker die twyfel in my

En herinner my elke dag aan my voete van klei.


Jy en jou woorde het my met snye gelos

My laat twyfel in wie ek was en my my selfbeeld gekos.


Jy het my geleer wat dit was om alleen te voel

En te lees tussen die lyne van wat jy eintlik bedoel.


Jy is gelukkig nou weg,

Maar jou gif is steeds binne my are gevleg.


Elke ses maande is nou ‘n vonnis…

Hoe maak ek nou beloftes?


Jy is die rede vir my pyn,

Maar jy gaan nie my hou aan ‘n lyn.

Woede borrel steeds in my are

Maar met Sy genade

Sal ek opstaan en herruis

Jou vermorsel onder my voet, vergruis.