Dinsdag 16 Julie 2013

Never give up

Why settle for less
and always be second best?

So many have told you about your potential,
your fighting spirit and endurance!

Take all you have heard to heart
and stop taking yourself apart.

Success lies on your way
no matter what others might say.

You worked yourself out of the gutters
and look where you are standing:

Deputy headgirl
Team captain of Chess and shooting
Public speaker

Even if there is only one standing behind
me and cheering me on...

That one person who believed in me
showed me my true potential;
willing to work for that only one.

To see the approval in their eyes...

To know that I reached success
because I am the best!!

(2003/06/06  - My matriekjaar, besig om meer in myself te glo en nie meer te luister na die stemme nie.)

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