Saterdag 19 September 2009

Survived to tell the tale

Caught in a maze, trying to survive.
Some days...a hopeless strife
Going deeper and deeper, getting lost
Overpowered by a hopeless front.

The maze trying to engulf me
If only an outcome I could see!
Oh of this situation I wish to be free,
but I doubt the surfacing of glee.

The hoplessness overpowers
standing over us like dark towers
The darkness sipping my brave soul
leaving me a coward fool.

Seeking for the light to escape
all exits a fooling fake
Tangled in a agonizing chain
please help me to stay sane!

Seeing the sound in my ear
A fooling of hope I fear.
Giving me false hope
then let going of the rope.

Fighting back with all I posses
wanting to get out of this hell!
Step by step getting out of the troubled wall
Against the with hope I press.

Trying to survive what the world throws at me.
Unable to flee the heartless cold.

A voice reach my ears
I see my salvation
Disappear the devastation
The greatful tears...

I exit the maze with a smile
my heart no longer in exile.
I stepped out in victory:
I survived tot tell the tale.

(2003-05-21: moeilike situasie by die huis, maar ook 'n response op 'n gedig wat ons in Engels gedoen het.)

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