Saterdag 19 September 2009

What if?

What if it's meant to be?
What if age is just a number?
What if we, despite our age, lose control?
What if the what if's just stay what if's?

The truth is:
I want the what if's tot stay just that.


A pandora's box of what if's
nothing good can come of it...
but what if...

But what if this is all wrong?
- which I think it is -
But what if destiny intended it so?
Or is it just a wise lie?

What if this is just a scam to fill
the lonely gaps in our lives?

What if it's the beginning of something great?

No more: "What if's".

Friendship it will be.
I'll be sure to keep it just that!
We will fill the holes by being there for each other.

But what if?

(2003 in die einde van die jaar iewers. Min het ek geweet dat ek nie die afstand sou kon hou nie hehe ;) )

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