Saterdag 19 September 2009

Scared and alone

Having to move on was one of the hardest things I ever had to do!
Letting go of all I thought was true and right, was just as hard.
I never doubted all you told me. I always thought all was true.
But because of all past disappointments, I'll never again let down my guard.

I guess, for now, I have to face the future alone
but I'm so scared to be alone in this heartless world.
I wonder how stuff could be, if all was to be foretold?
I will then never again have to wait for the ring of the phone...

I'm so scared to be a failure to all who looks up to me
scared that they'll truly see the fake that I am
Always trying to find someone, just not to be was all a scam!
I'm so afraid that everyone will find out, and punish me...

I just ask one thing: Please let me stop crying at night
and send someone I can trust to help me fight this fight.

(2003-05-06 - ek was op die punt om op te gee, my eks het my gelos en my hart was gebreek. Dinge was ook erger as ooit by die huis. Dit was letterlik weke voor ek my man regtig ontmoet het en hy in my hartjie ingekruip het.)

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