Sondag 23 Augustus 2009

My mood at this very moment


Deeper and deeper

Trying to see the way out

Wondering where it is

Wishing to find it

Hoping it’s the right way...

So much pressure

A lot of it my own

My own worst enemy.

How to defeat myself?

That’s the big question...

Sinking in a way

Not known to me

Seeming such a waste of time

A waste of resources

A waste of effort

Everything seems fine

Can’t see the worry

Can’t feel the shudders

Can’t be there if you don’t know...

It doesn’t seem so bad

Peddling to stay afloat

Worst things in life than this

Comparing it

A way out there is...

A way out possibly...


Doing nothing

Just sitting

Not at all possible

No rest for the wicked...

Well at least not for me.

(23 Augustus 2009: 20:12)

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