Dinsdag 30 Maart 2021


Wondering what can be

now that I am free…


Talking for hours on end

Wondering if you will be more than a friend.


You are attached but not connected

subjected to an impossible situation.

The relationship is not what you expected.

Being drowned by frustration.


I’m wondering about our connection

Thinking of you with newly discovered affection.

We can talk for hours on end

Why can’t our paths just blend?


Wondering how it would feel in your arms

I can hear no alarms…

I know you like me a lot

Wondering if we could have our one shot?


I don’t know what the future may bring

but I know there is this thing…

This thing between us is growing

Our hearts are showing

So many emotions are loading.


Wondering what could be…for now.

Patience is the name of the game.


(Feb/March 2021)



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