Sondag 11 Oktober 2009

The feeling of being in your arms

You hold me close, so close to your heart
I can hear your heart beating against my face.
You holding me, folding me tightly in your arms.

We move as one, aware of each other’s every step,
Flowing in harmony with the music, tranquil like a
stream, tiptoeing over each round slated stone.

As I turn my face towards the heavens above,
I look into the eyes of an angel, smiling down at me.
The love you feel radiates like a sparkling star above.

How can one being on earth be so right for another?
How can one love another with the rhythm of God’s creation?

The feeling of being in your arms,
turns all wrongs to rights…
makes me forget about all other.

Let’s move to the rhythm of love
Let’s love to move the rhythm together.

For now until eternity!

9 Desember 2004

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